Star Wars” Mark Hamill Strikes Back At Empire Reshoot Rumors

Star Wars” Mark Hamill Strikes Back At Empire Reshoot Rumors

Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Strikes Back At Empire Reshoot Rumors

Mark Hamill addresses fan theories regarding rumored reshoots on The Empire Strikes Back.

Vintage Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford Interview Empire Strikes Back

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Vintage 1980 “The Empire Strikes Back” interview with Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford on the Today Show with Jane Pauley.

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Mark Hamill Talks Star Wars Prequels in 1980 – #shorts

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher talk about the Star Wars prequels in 1980 while on a press tour for the Empire Strikes Back on the children’s show Blue Peter on the BBC. The Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia actors got to play with animals, talk Star Wars, and ate a stew made by a fan on the full episode.

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Star Wars – News Report (1997) – Empire Strikes Back Special Edition – Mark Hamill Interview

This news report is from 1997 when The Empire Strikes Back “Special Edition” hit theaters!

Mark Hamill Speaks Out On Empire Strikes Back Reshoot Rumours

In today’s video we will be diving into what Mark Hamill had to say on the Empire Strikes Back reshoot rumours on Twitter.

Empire is widely regarded as the best Star Wars film in the OT, learning about what happened during the making of this iconic film is very fascinating to me as a huge Star Wars fan.