Looks Like Deadpool 3’s Shawn Levy Has Found His Next Big Franchise After He’s Done Re-Teaming With Ryan Reynolds

Looks Like Deadpool 3’s Shawn Levy Has Found His Next Big Franchise After He’s Done Re-Teaming With Ryan Reynolds

Looks Like Deadpool 3’s Shawn Levy Has Found His Next Big Franchise After He’s Done Re-Teaming With Ryan Reynolds

In the midst of Shawn Levy working with Ryan Reynolds to put together Deadpool 3, it’s been revealed what big franchise the director will join afterwards.

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Deadpool III: Is Logan Ruined?

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Hugh Jackman starred as Logan / Wolverine for 17 years before ending his run in the fantastic “Logan” in 2017. Now, it turns out Jackman will return alongside Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool 3! With that in mind, is the point behind the 2017 movie effectively ruined? Or does it not matter?

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Logan. 2017. Directed by James Mangold.
Deadpool III. 2024. Directed by Shawn Levy.

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HUGE WOLVERINE REVEAL Deadpool 3 Director Shawn Levi – Wolverine Team Up MCU Movie News

DEADPOOL 3 Director Shawn Levy Teases “Iconic” Wolverine & Merc With A Mouth Team-Up in the MCU! Though he mostly remained tight-lipped when it comes to Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine, Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy did tease an “iconic” team-up between Logan and Wade Wilson.

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DEADPOOL 3 – TEASER TRAILER (2024) Marvel | Hugh Jackman | Ryan Reynolds |TeaserPROs Concept Version

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Deadpool 3 has been confirmed to be released in cinemas on September 6, 2024.

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As mentioned above, Deadpool 3 has been confirmed to be released in cinemas on September 6, 2024. In MCU terms, that either makes the threequel the final outing of Phase 5 or the first outing of Phase 6. The latter is more likely as Marvel did have an Autumn 2024 release window set in Phase 6 for an untitled movie or TV show. Even though we now have the release date, we still don’t know when the movie will start filming, but we’d assume it’d be in 2023 to ensure it hits that September 2024 release. As ever, there could always be delays though. In late September 2022, Ryan Reynolds made the surprise announcement that the threequel would bring back Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Not only will it mark Wolverine’s MCU debut, but also Jackman’s return after his supposed final appearance in Logan. Originally, it was announced that Bob’s Burgers writers Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin were hired to write the threequel. It now seems though that the third movie is being written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who wrote the first two movies. It will be directed by Shawn Levy, reuniting with Reynolds for their third movie together after Free Guy and The Adam Project. Ryan Reynolds was always going to be back as Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, and now we know he’s got some major company. Hugh Jackman will be making his MCU debut as Wolverine. We still don’t know exactly how it’ll work canon-wise, but we assume there’s going to be some multiversal shenanigans going on. Deadpool 3, deadpool 3 trailer, deadpool 3 official trailer, deadpool 3 teaser, deadpool 3 teaser trailer. Reynolds has technically already made his MCU debut in an advert with Thor: Ragnarok character Korg, as well as getting a name drop in the Avengers Campus ride Avengers Assemble: Flight Force. Deadpool 3 wolverine, deadpool and wolverine, deadpool vs wolverine, deadpool 3 wolverine trailer. Deadpool 2 introduced us to a range of new heroes too with the X-Force team and although some didn’t survive long enough, we could see the likes of Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) again. Deadpool 3 hugh jackman, deadpool 3 official teaser, deadpool 3 2024, deadpool 3 release date. Reynolds has teased that the threequel is “looking to go in a completely different direction”, teasingly adding: “Often, they reboot or change a character maybe like four movies too late.” Though Deadpool’s original director said the threequel didn’t need an R rating to be great, the movie will be rated R, so don’t worry about that. Marvel deadpool 3 trailer, deadpool 3 full trailer, Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Marvel, Teaser PRO. Feige confirmed in February 2021 that Deadpool has “established” itself as an R-rated franchise. After Reese and Wernick came on-board the threequel, they’ve promised that the movie won’t be “Disney-fied”.