Classy And Sophisticated Star Wars Gift Ideas That Are On Sale For Black Friday

Classy And Sophisticated Star Wars Gift Ideas That Are On Sale For Black Friday

Classy And Sophisticated Star Wars Gift Ideas That Are On Sale For Black Friday

You have never seen Star Wars gifts as sophisticated (and affordable) as these Black Friday deals.

Star Wars Holiday Gift Ideas | Hot Topic #BestGiftsEver

The Star Wars Gift Every Nerd Needs In Their Life

There are plenty of cheap kids’ toys out there, but if you’re a true Star Wars nerd like Gordon, then you’ll want something nice. In this “unwrapping” video, Gordon shows off the KYBERS Standard Series Shien RGB lightsaber and tells you why it’s worth your money.

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3 Easy STAR WARS DIY Gifts for Dads | Fathers Day Ideas

Easy, last-minute Father’s Day DIY Gifts! 3 DIY Star Wars Father’s Day Gift Ideas perfect for kids & adults. How to make a Galaxy’s Best Dad Trophy, Star Wars Golf Balls, & Star Wars Picture Frame!
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This tutorial is show you how to make Fathers Day gifts on a budget that even Master Yoda himself would think are pretty spectacular.
Most of the supplies you can find at dollar stores, craft stores, and second-hand stores like Goodwill. If you’re looking to order them online, I included links either to the exact product I used and some alternatives.

DIY GIFT IDEA #1: Galaxy’s Best Dad DARTH VADER Trophy
– – SUPPLIES – –
★ IKEA Cup / Goblet / Wine Glass:
★ IKEA Flower Pot:
★ Gold Metallic Multi-Surface Paint:
I recommend gold spray paint instead – would be MUCH easier:
★ Black Acrylic Paint:
★ Gold Letter Stickers:
★ E6000 or favorite strong glue:
★ Stencil Paper:
★ Craft Knife:
★ Paint brushes (so you don’t wind up using a makeup sponge like me when I realized I didn’t have any there…) – or just use spray paint instead:
★ Optional: Your dad’s favorite snack to put in the trophy cut!

DIY GIFT IDEA #2: STAR WARS GOLF BALLS! R2-D2, BB-8, and the Death Star
– – SUPPLIES – –
★ Golf Balls: You can check on Craiglist and someone may be giving them away in your area or selling them for $1. Otherwise try these below
White Golf Balls:
Black Golf Balls:
★ Silver Metallic Marker –
★ Black Permanent Marker –
★ Blue Permanent Marker –
★ Orange Permanent Marker –
★ Red Permanent Marker –
Wouldn’t recommend the colored markers I got for this project… they didn’t write well on the golf balls. If I were to do it again, I’d go with regular Sharpies like these:

DIY GIFT IDEA #3: Darth Vader Star Wars Picture Frame
– – SUPPLIES – –
★ White Shadow Box:
★ White Photo Mat:
★ Scrabble Letter Tiles:
★ Small Darth Vader figurine (Legos and keychains work great):
★ A PICTURE! Because we didn’t have a printed picture together… hahaha so ours is empty

Some of these links are affiliate links. Basically, that means I could get a commission if you buy one of the products through the link, but it doesn’t cost you more money. This video isn’t sponsored; it’s just a cool way that the Internet helps me fund making videos like this.

Love these Star Wars remixes? These are the remixed Star Wars songs used in the intro and transitions:
(1) Intro & Picture Frame Transition Song: Star Wars EDM Remix – DJ Lewwy –
(2) Trophy Transition Song: Imperial March – Goblins from Mars Trap Remix –
(3) Golf Balls Transition Song: Rameses B’s Star Wars Glitch Hop Remix –

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Hope you enjoyed these easy Fathers Day Ideas for dads who like Star Wars!

Best Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans 2022

To help you out this season here is my list of best gift ideas for Star Wars fans this year.

Featured Star Wars Artists:

David Boudreau – email [email protected]
Marcel Chenier –
Michelle Nooney –

If you are interested in any of the Star Wars Gifts on my list, here are links:

Star Wars War of The Bounty Hunters Omnibus –

Star Wars The Mandalorian TP Vol 1 –

Star Wars Encyclopedia –

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga –

Nsabers Lightsabers –

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