Andor Season 1 Ending Explained: What It Means For Cassian And The Future Of The Rebel Alliance

Andor Season 1 Ending Explained: What It Means For Cassian And The Future Of The Rebel Alliance

Andor Season 1 Ending Explained: What It Means For Cassian And The Future Of The Rebel Alliance

Andor Season 1 had an amazing finale, now let’s get ready for Season 2

Andor Episodes 1-3 Breakdown

Andor is dark and gritty and definitely brings a new feel to the galaxy of Star Wars, however the first 3 episodes were way too slow and dragged out unnecessarily. I think the show will be interesting for sure, however taking so long to explain such a simple story so far didn’t need to take up 3 episode slots of the 12 we get.
Cassian Andor is a gateway to develop more of the Empire and to show us the senate that Palpatine eventually dissolves.
I hope we see Krennic, Tarkin, Vader, and Palpatine at some points in the show.

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Andor Finale BREAKDOWN Episode 12 – IT HAS BEGUN


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we start the final episode off at the Repaak Salyard on Ferrix, where Wilmon Paak builds a pipe bomb with the hologram of his late father next to him to inspire his fight against the empire. as we flip over to Dedra landing in a t4-a lambda class shuttle. Whenever you see one of these, there’s usually a high ranking imperial in there, or vader or palpatine themselves with troopers.

Bixx is recovering from the torture sessions the ISB put her through.

Cassian’s buddy Brasso meets with the guy who told Cassian about his mother’s death over the phone, Xan, and reveals to him that Cassian called. They both keep walking to avoid any lurking eyes and ears of the empire, as they know spies are everywhere waiting for Cassian to arrive for Maarva’s funeral.

We see Cintra walking the streets of Ferrix while Corv is oblivious for the time being.

…continued in video

I think it would have been fun to see Palpatine dissolve some of the nay sayers in the senate, including Mon Mothma, or at least have Mas Amedda in there. I would have liked to have seen more Senate scenes, however the end credit scene was delivered nicely with the death star being built.

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Star Wars ANDOR Finale Post-Credit Scene & Ending Explained!

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Andor Episode 12 Post-Credit Scene & Season Finale Ending Explained! What’s next for the Rebellion?

Andor Episode 12, the season finale, “Rix Road,” ends with a tense revolt on Ferrix during Maarva’s funeral, with a powerful post-mortem speech from Cassian’s mother. And most chillingly, the episode ends with a Post-Credit Scene revealing the true purpose of the parts being built in the Narkina-Five prison: countless pieces of the Death Star! Erik Voss breaks down this ending and what this means for Star Wars as a whole! Our in-depth breakdown of all the Easter Eggs in this episode is coming early next week!

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